gallery shows!

it's been a great year so far and it keeps getting better. starting this friday, september 25... if you're in atlanta, ga. or stowe, vt. please stop in to the spruill gallery or the helen day art center.

both are having exhibitions of cellphone photography and art. and gallery directors hope cohn at spruill and odin cathcart at helen day were kind enough to ask me to participate in the group shows. very cool. thank you both for the invitations.

so i just dropped off nine 24x30 framed prints this weekend to hope and i'm headed back down on thursday for the opening reception. there'll be ten 11x14 photos on display at helen day. and we're looking at a possible date in october for a presentation. more on that later.

the spruill show is part of the larger atlanta celebrates photography festival. it's a community undertaking and appreciation for photography on a grand scale. interestingly enough a few other galleries are also having shows which explore the possibilities, and the impact, cellphone technology has on art.

now, some people still shake their heads at the notion of using a phone to create art. but, bluntly stated, a tool is a tool is a tool. and in the end if it works, what's the difference what was used. i can imagine these were the same folks who were shocked when 35mm came on the scene and started to challenge the larger formats. but evolution is messy, and you can't stop it. once it's out of the box, it's not going back in, so why not explore the possibilities and the limitations?

so i'm happy to see the acceptance growing for this little device as a means to an artistic end.

and the fact that so many galleries are devoting time and space to display the results, only lends a little more credibility to its usage.

of course, as you can imagine, i am a little biased in this whole affair.

but we can talk more about it this thursday and possibly next month. hope to see you there.

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Emom said...

Wasn't it Eisenstadt that said something to the effect that even a "brownie camera" can capture the most wonderful image if the operator has the "eye"....smiles.