love potion number 09/09/09

weddings are performed by magistrates on the 9th floor of the wake county courthouse. so that's where i headed today to see who was getting married on this unique date. i'll admit, i have to give credit to my editor matthew for the idea. i was in the midst of editing down a few hours of audio interviews and wasn't really thinking of ideas for a standalone photo that he asked me to find. so thanks matthew.

well i showed up as the morning session was winding down. but there was one couple left and after speaking with the judge i found out they were number 8 for the day. so i decided to try the afternoon session and see if i couldn't get happy couple no.9.

this couple isn't it. well, kinda. but if you want to get specific, then no.
she was the first bride to make it to the afternoon session and we were there for about twenty minutes, but he was having a bit of trouble finding parking and dealing with the crap elevator situation the building is infamous for. so another couple snuck in before them. but they didn't want their photo taken because they hadn't told their family yet (it would be a secret until november).

so in my world congratulations go out to Michael Wilson and JoAnn Valdez; couple no.9 on the 9th floor on 09/09/09.
my congratulations also go out to the other couple... whoever you are.

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