air force one

the president came to raleigh-ville this week and i was assigned to photograph his arrival at rdu on air force one. as usual, the typical security measures in place means that you show up 3-4 hours before his scheduled arrival, find your spot on the desginated riser, shoot the bull with the other photogs... and wait. and wait. and wait.

but you're not the only one waiting. so's his advance security detail. and if you think all that meant was carrying a weapon and keeping a keen eye out for suspicious activity... well, we're both wrong. there's a lot of little things that have to be taken care of... like last minute buffing of the presidential limousine or measuring the height of the staircase to where the exit door of Air Force One will be parked.

to see the behind the scenes was definitely worth the wait.

for more in a photo gallery by me and fellow staffer corey lowenstein head on over here...

and uhmmm... have you voted yet?


Jason Houge said...

I like the distance and loneliness in this shot. I recently began my own project similar to what you've done and a friend on David Alan Harvey's Burn Magazine gave me a link to a story about you. I really like seeing what this has done for you. My project is to help myself develop a better eye with the limitations in the cell phone and to focus on the shooting not mess with the techiness of an SLR.

Great Project, I will follow along.

- Jason Houge

Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

Air Force One cloaking systems, engaged.