positivity trumps adversity

marie neal is an extraordinary young woman. sixteen, and a high school sophomore, neal was recently diagnosed with alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency, a rare genetic liver disorder which immediately placed her on a transplant list.

but she's dealing with such a serious issue with cheerful toughness. a few weeks ago we caught up with her at a fundraiser at a chick-fil-a in cary town center. hundreds of friends and supporters came out to donate money to help pay for the future transplant and many expenses not covered by insurance including the immunosuppressant drugs that she must take for the rest of her life.

i swore she was greeting and thanking people for three hours straight. and always with a smile and laugh, captivating each and every last person there.

here's our story.

and if you'd like to donate to her (and/or other kids in need of transplant help.)

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