the lost colony

an assignment on tourism and the economy sent me out to the obx with a stop in manteo on roanoke island where sir walter raleigh tried (and failed) to establish a permanent colony back in the 16th century. while there i was able to hang around backstage of the final dress rehearsal for the longest running outdoor drama - the lost colony. it's a historical play based on raleigh's attempts and the unsolved mystery in the disappearance of about 120 people from the last settlement.

it's an interesting story and the production is pretty awesome. it's a good way to break up a week's trip to the obx. which btw people from all over (ny, nj, maine, pa, sc..) were still doing. seems it's a better value to get a house down here than it is in the major beach towns up north closer to where they live.

i guess recession or not some people still want to get lost.

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