stone cold accessory

the life of former pro-wrestlers live on in strange places. stone cold steve austin was inducted into the wwe hall of fame on april 4. he's been retired for years. but still has a fan base that's ready for the next throw down. especially if you talk smack about their choice in fashion.

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Katie Wilkins said...

This is one of my favorite shots. What I love about your cell phone images is that unlike Chase Jarvis (and many others) you're using a REAL camera phone. . like the one that most of us have had for years. The iPhone takes great photos and it doesn't take a genius to figure out how to accomplish mediocre results. I also enjoy the comments about your camera phone's similarity to the Brownie, although I don't know if a professional journalist would have ever used such a medium. Either way, kudos on your success, I'll be raving about your blog from now on.

All good wishes,
Katie W