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the unc tarheel men's basketball team won another championship monday night. it's their 5th national title and the 2nd in the last five years.
with our esteemed sports shooters robert willett and chuck liddy in detroit to cover the game. ethan hyman, ted richardson and i made sure the chapel hill scene which erupts everytime they beat duke or are in the finals was well documented.
then we turned around and covered the celebration the next day at the dean smith center.

after 3 hours sleep in 2 days, walking about 2.5 miles with a computer and 3 cameras hanging off my shoulders and sending a coupla hundred photos and a time-lapse and a panoramic of franklin street i finally had time for a little cellphone goodness.

this security guard was the last one in the dean dome. somebody has to turn off the lights.

time lapse of franklin street eruption.



party the day after at the dean dome

and my little personal video from the roof of Spanky's restaurant.
(better in hq)

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James M. Harrison said...

Aw this is just great. I would have killed to have been there.