happy new year

this time last year i was in the midst of multimedia hell after having been up since 3am and walking 7+ miles with the broughton high school band in the tournament of roses parade in pasadena. having to feed the print beast and online beast and edit down a timelapse video from 2k photos all within an east coast deadline it was a great (albeit a tad stressful) way to start out a great year.
and, never having an overwhelming urge to ever visit Smogville USA, i had no idea i would like LA as much as i did. for a new york boy now living in the flatlands of NC what a crazy-beautiful visual mix of concrete and palm trees. water, desert and mountains.

it's an abusive relationship, photojournalism is these days, it seems. a lopsided state of affairs where as photographers we give of ourselves in a manner more adherent to ideas and ideals. carrying the torch in worn out shoes; butting against corporate practicals yet still redrawing the line in the sand just a little farther down now. and again. and again.

the silver lining in all this may not put food on the table or pay the rent but it's there. i had to travel 2500 miles to remind me of it once. my resolution this year is to not forget it again.


Joey said...

One of your best blog entries yet. Wonderful :-) Happy new year - I love you!


Love the cell-phone stuff! Been doing some myself for years. I think of it as a Pinhole or Holga.

Best, -JLG

Kristin Collins said...

Sean, what a beautiful image of the newspaper business these days, the constant redrawing of the line in the sand, a little closer to the water each time. Wonder how long til we have to jump in the lifeboats and get the hell out of here. I hope not for a long time.