power to the people, kinda

as if you haven't noticed, cellphones are everywhere. and certainly in places they're not supposed to be which is changing the landscape of what can and can't be photographed but is photographed nonetheless.
i don't like to be sneaky. i take photos of the things that move me emotionally or spiritually. or sometimes (rarely and only for myself) just to thumb my nose (in a non-malicious way grant you) at the establishment's asinine and often nonsensical regulations. but not because i see dollar signs in the exploitation of the subject at hand. just because. almost, but not quite, like the same reason those regulations are established... just because the man can. of course when it comes to the establishment's reasons the implementation of such rules is not exactly evidence of depth or thoughtful reasoning, is it?

in the last few years it seems more signs and barriers have been put into place to stop the simple act of taking a photo just for photography's sake. maybe it's the litigious society we live in. maybe it's more people getting wise to the monetary value of certain types of copyrighted content. in any case it's getting harder and harder to enforce those bans.

power to the people.
but please just don't abuse it.

here's an entertaining follow to the exploitative angle.
and fwiw.... the getty does allow photography in certain parts of their museum. i think.

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