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we're not above doing a little experimentation here in this little corner of the ether. sure, it goes against the mantra i've been practicing since the start where less is more. let's keep it simple. ignorance is bliss.... you get the idea. but it's my own line in the sand and it's good to cross it every now and then.

anyway... recently saw two movies with j, both horror flicks. one that did not live up to it's potential, sadly, because the premise can very much be a reality and the other that had me on anticipative edge the whole time and i was totally exhausted when it was over. a rarity for me because really these movies usually overdo the cgi and more often than not come across as unrealistic with too much blood and characters that can take a shovel to the head or knife to the spleen and keep on keeping on. really? punch me in the nose and i'm down for the count. so this is the first one since i was probably a kid that effectively had me looking over my shoulder afterwards. i know, sounds a little melodramatic. but see it and you'll know shit like this happens all the time and that's where the horror lies.
so three little words future horror film directors....

reality is scary.

btw.... the photo is a mashup of three photos of previews before the movie. looking at it makes me as uncomfortable as i felt last night. but can you guess for what movies? hint: one is a monster, and the other is a woman some think is ghoulish in her own right.

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