memorial day

both my grand- fathers saw combat in ww2. one in europe, the other in the pacific. my father served 2 tours in vietnam, airborne. my youngest sister is now a 2nd lieutenant in the air force. for them and any other soldier and seaman i have nothing but respect. and i question not their character and personal strength because their courage solidifies the conviction in their own ideals. and right or wrong, agree or disagree with their beliefs it's hard to chastise the grunts on the ground who are risking their lives for what they've been told (sold?) is the greater good.

of course what is this "greater good?" and do any of us feel any closer to it within the last 7 seven years? i don't. and i bet i'm in the overwhelming majority on that feeling. which only begs the more pertinent question...with over 4,000 more fallen american soldiers to memorialize this holiday... how many more have to die for the personal agenda of a few?

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Ari Baiense said...


Interesting thoughts. I'm not american but we feel the effects of these personal agendas all over the world...
BTW, I'm a brazilian working in Nigeria, and found you at Road Trip forum.