good times, bad times

you know we've had our share...

ok. so i'm kinda cheating and fibbing here seeing as how (below) it's a photo of a photo of prez. bush. but i think my behavior is ok within present company.

of course this is former prez bill clinton when he was campaigning for hillary on primary election day here in north cackalacky.

but today i was assigned to cover prez. bush at ft. bragg where he was partaking in the 82nd airborne division's annual all-america week celebration (which hasn't been annual the last 2 years because they were all in a foreign desert following orders).
anyway, i did click off a few cell-obscura pics when i had the chance, but none of him up close as we were corralled onto a riser located about 100 feet away. so here's one of him that didn't make the cut. my mission at juxtaposition accomplished.

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