band together

after years of applying, the broughton high school band was finally invited to the tournament of roses parade this past new year's day.
in the age of travel expenditure cuts (at least for this news org) reporter peggy lim and i were fortunate enough to travel with them to pasadena for a week.
it was a rewarding trip for many reasons. yet editing and producing two soundslides and flipbook multimedia in addition to the daily report on a deadline with a three hour time difference not in our favor after getting up every day at 4a.m. to travel from our costa mesa hotel to pasadena it was also a little exhausting too.
this week was the school's final concert of the year and some of the band parents we were "embedded" with invited us to attend.
who knew halfway through the event we were going to be asked up onstage by the band director who would not take "no" for an answer to be thanked and recognized for all our hard work that week.
it was a timely, and personally needed, affirmation that some people out there still appreciate what we do.

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