back to the future

that joyful feeling of serendipity.

lately, i've been craving it more in my daily travels. the surprise... beauty... truth of something unexpected. be it sponsored by the gritty minimum that popular technology has to offer? ah well. i'm so hungry right now that i'm in the right frame of mind to not question when and where inspiration may come from.

so the coldness of ones and zeros be damned. the idea that megapixels = clarity? perfection? hmmmm. more often than not my creative day is slightly tainted by this thought process through no fault of my own. so this little corner of the ether will not be a subscription to the notion that the ever increasing megalopixelmania is a good thing. just the opposite: less is more.

so with apologies to fox talbot and daguerre and all my photofriends who smirk at the sight of a cellphone camera....

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