and in the beginning there was light

or an unassuming lamp. on an unassuming table.

maybe it was the umpteenth time that day i had to say "just pretend i'm not here" "just, just go about your day as if i wasn't here."

maybe it was the way the light was dancing everywhere else besides where i needed it.

maybe it was the tangle of chords (which signal that you're in the presence of today's jack-of-all-trades "multimedia" journalist) choking my attempts at concentrating on the task at hand.... an assignment photographing study-abroad students from germany here in the states if you really wanted to know.

or maybe it was the quiet untangled simplicity of unfettered light warming the off-red curtains in an empty room i escaped to briefly to get physically and mentally untangled myself.

and to check my voice mail.

whatever it was. it is the beginning of something new.

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