We have books! And I'd appreciate your vote.

**update** voting is over. thanks to everyone who did. we'll get 'em next year!

(*Update* For Blurb coupons on free/discounted shipping try this site. Not guaranteed, but it's always worked for me.)

The folks at Blurb are having their Photography. Book. Now. contest and we decided to enter this year because we love photo books in all their tangible goodness. And we like to try new things.
They have a People's Choice Award and I'd appreciate your vote. I can't promise you a handshake, kiss on the cheek, or that I'll hold your baby in return, but if my photography resonates for whatever the reason... what it is... how it was done... or what it represents, please consider taking a few minutes and cast yours for cellular obscura. You'll have to create an account but there's no purchase necessary.

But if you did want to buy a book...

We're offering two sizes. The original hardcover (with dust jacket) 12x12 inch, which looks absolutely great as most of the photos are 8x10's; a size which allows your eye to wander. And now a softcover 7x7 inch which packs the same resonance as a collection (same 65 photos, same pairings) just a bit smaller in the hands and on the wallet.

fwiw... I appreciate the conversations with other photographers about the idea of limited editions. I understand the appeal and as a business plan how it once made sense. Maybe it still does. Color me unsavvy then.
But it seems sharing is the new black these days.
Facebook. Twitter. Flickr. blogs.
(and there may be the argument that there's too much sharing going on.)
Yet in the spirit of the movement, and of the positive response this body of work has already received, I want to make it as accessible as possible.

But if you do order a book, I will send you a somewhat limited edition 4x5 print. Please read the book profile for details on that.

Thanks for looking and voting.

some samples from the 7x7...


Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

I bought your book, voted for you, and plan to tell my friends as well.

Great job! Keep up the fantastic work of showing everyone that the world is already a more beautiful place...

joseane daher said...

Just amazed with your work!Congratulations!

I'm a photographer from Brazil and I'm going to teach children and teenagers from te public schools how to photograph with digital point & shoot cameras and cell phones.
Would you have some eletronic material that I could use, please?

I'm also coordinating a photography especialization course. I would like to invite you to visit it's website:
Joseane Daher

Robert said...

I ordered the 7x7.

Can't wait till it gets here :)