art punk

If you're ever in need of coffee in Asheboro, NC, stop in to the Coffee X Change on Sunset Avenue. Not only a cool place to relax and free wi-fi but if Zach's there, you may get your portrait drawn if you ask nicely. Even Sam Abell, (who was in town to speak at our yearly NCPPA meeting at RCC) took home a personal souvenir for his wife.

Speaking of... If you ever get a chance to hear Sam speak... do. It's a learning experience to see the evolution of a photograph and hear the process of thought and reasoning behind certain compositional choices.

I think many of us intrinsically know a successful photo when we see it and can explain why on one level or another. But like the layers in his photos Sam is able to expound in depth on what makes a photo successful.

He'll be at UNC-Chapel Hill on April 20th and it's free to the public.

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