the gloves are on

i walked down to the raleigh convention center during lunch to see what was set up for raleigh's own michael jackson tribute. some bands and then a live feed of the memorial was what was on tap.

by the time i got there though the bands were over, and i presume the dancing too.
a couple of photos later i realized it wasn't working for me or whatever i had happened to think i was going to get.
which was good because i happened to bump into ginny skalski and she was heading over to cooper's bbq for lunch. sounded good to me.

and that's where i found my photo. while a boombox played mj in the background some of the waitstaff like johnsie worsley here were wearing white gloves in honor of the singer.
she'd been wearing it for a couple of days now and wasn't planning on taking it off until it fell apart. and to that end she was mainly using her ungloved hand.
like many her heart broke when she heard the news of his death.
"i shed a tear. i just couldn't believe it." as the opening creaks of thriller started up she headed to another table. "but this is our way of remembering."

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Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

Oooh, nice angles here with the three people, where they are, and where they're looking. And that metal door! Why is it so interesting in this photo? And then there's the dead celeb aspect, which THANKFULLY is not overwhelming here. Well-caught.

PS: CONGRATS on your Ignite Raleigh gig. Can't wait to hear your presentation!