crowns of glory

had a wonderful assignment last friday. the photo report could be a little better, not that it's bad, but there was a lot of potential and for some reason i got hung up on shooting everything and not slowing down for a sec and really thinking. maybe because i only had about an hour before i had to rush across town to hang out with the governor. oh the life of a community photojournalist (insert sarcasm here).

anyway... this is a little backstage scene from the crowns of glory fashion show at the ywca in downtown raleigh.

hats are a tradition in african-american churches and are more than a fashion statement.

wearing decorative "crowns" was based on the origin of a bible passage stating that women should cover their heads while in church. that meant needing a hat. and a special one at that if it was for sunday service.

so it was also a way to honor god by presenting your best like Mrs. Ada Elliott is doing here despite having to get around with the help of a walker.

through the years (especially since the ugly days of slavery) the hat has become a symbol of prosperity, freedom, beauty, celebration and of course an expression of cultural identity.

as you can imagine... learning the story behind the story as the clock was ticking down to my next assignment i knew there was something else here visually that would do the story and the ladies the justice that they deserved. not that it had to take a heavy and serious turn... it was a party and fashion show.

just something to think of next time.

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