furlough trip to look3

well this week is my furlough week at the paper. kinda bittersweet... nice to have some time off, sucks not getting paid. anyway... i'm making the most of it and getting ready to head to the look3 festival in charlottesville, va.

i was planning on going this year anyway. from the stories i've heard, it's an event not to be missed. lots of inspiration. lots of positivity. and in a cool little town at the foothills of the blue ridge mountains. uhmmm, yeah. sign me up!

but what makes the trip a little more exciting is that i was accepted to show a multimedia presentation on this little project we have going here... cellular obscura.

it's happening on friday night, june 12 at 9pm in the pavilion downtown. it's part of a two-hour group show called Shots.
so if you can make, would love to see you. and we can all be tourists for a few days.

speaking of tourists and inspiration... just found out that matt mallams is in hawaii. (nice interview here)
oahu (the whole island) is a documentary utopia for street-style photography. i'd like to go back some day and really dig my teeth into the juxtapositions on the island between the rich tourist trade and the high unemployment rate and a populace who tolerates mainlanders. you get the sense they're rubbing together like a blister, not quite bleeding on the surface, but hurting a bit underneath.

anyway looking forward to see how it looks through matt's lens. you should too.

see you in charlottesville.

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Taylor Fleet said...

Just saw your multimedia presentation at the Look3 Shots; knocked my socks off. Loved it. Best wishes.