cellular obscura presentation for look3

allen over at photoshelter was kind enough to include my work in his blogpost about the look3 festival. he mentioned my presentation which included a quick video of my cellphone "portrait session" of obama. (i blogged about that once before here).

well... here's that presentation which was projected during the friday night Shots event under the big top. there's a little van morrison, a little explanation of why i do what i do. but if you want to go straight to the fun part it's at 5:14.

btw...the video doesn't do it as much justice as seeing it on a 30x40 movie screen. that was a thrill. and i have to thank jon golden and kevin burtnett for making all the shows look absolutely stellar.

i'm definitely a fan of technology for making it easier to upload photos and video to the web for mass consumption. but one of the things i was reminded of this past weekend was that there's just nothing like seeing photographs up close... in person... real... unplugged (or plugged in with the volume at 11)... the work (and the viewer) interacting with the physical environment of sights, smells, sounds... adding an additional sense of depth and reality. appreciation for the skill/luck of making/taking photographs can definitely be enhanced by the art of producing and printing and design... and flow.

kinda like the difference between buying a cd and going to the concert. both have their merits, but the collective experience of the latter carries the possibility of a spiritual experience. or at least a damn good time.


Gray Whitley said...

...unique Cellular Obscura moment/s - interesting to see Obama calmness with a cell-phone camera - the whole thing is a welcomed inspiration to be visually creative - a good photojournalist commentary - nice work.

amelia phillips hale said...

Wish I could have been there to watch it on the big screen with everyone...Cellular communication at its finest.

Anonymous said...

As someone who has always enjoyed making the most out of crappy cameras I find your work to be very compelling. Cheers www.snelsonphoto.com

jessie said...

absolutely brilliant! adding you to my blogroll on my new photo industry blog, takethef.com (The F Stops Here) i'd love to include "cellular obscura" as a post, if you don't mind (of course, linking to your blog)- especially after my most recent on the death of kodachrome, quite a juxtaposition!

Anonymous said...

Bravo Shawn. I find myself paring down and carrying less and less equipment...worrying about the tangle of cords and batteries and which lens and where is the filter...it all gets in the way of SEEING. I have missed important moments because I was digging for a piece of equipment. I have started using my iPhone camera recently and it is really liberating me to see more and enjoy the pure experience of shooting again. Thanks.

Forest said...

beautifully illustrates the idea that it is less important what you shoot with, and far more important that you go, that you see, and that you aren't afraid to take the shot - whatever your camera may be. keep up the great work!

PS - enjoyed the shout out to my Alma Mater at 5:00