out of touch

i was never a big fan of organized religion. my years in catholic school (k-6th...heck i was even an altar boy) soured my view. as a kid i couldn't rectify the hypocrisies i saw. and no-one was able to explain them to me in the pragmatic way i needed in order to reach an understanding.
killing in the name of (insert your god here)... the idea that if you weren't christian you were damned, but if you asked for forgiveness at the 11th hour there was hope for salvation... jesus was a jew, but he wasn't jewish... how other religions or spiritual endeavors were "wrong".... etc etc etc.
you just can't take that these things are "meant to be" based on faith alone.

as an adult with a little more worldly experience under my belt, i better understand those hypocrisies are more closely tied to the subjugation of something good by the hands of people who selfishly sought opportunity.

many church groups affect positive change due to the inertia of organization. for that, the need and idea of community built around religion is a good thing.

but without the ability to trespass and be trespassed upon how would these organizations justify their empowerment?

in the long run the truest part of the relationship with whomever you choose to worship is based on the personal, not the communal aspects of such.


geof said...

well said my friend.

Diann said...

something to think about.