TarHeel Nation

despite tv contracts and student-athletes skipping out on their final years there is still a slight sense of innocence to the college game. factor in that athletes have a rather short finite amount of time to win the big one and though possessing pro skills and attitudes, players are still babes in the woods... the thrill and the agony is that much more sincere, genuine and infectious.

mix in 30,000 plus fans in the immediate vicinity and it's hard not to be caught in the wave of tribal emotion that washes over franklin street. especially on the days when they beat their tobacco road nemesis.

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amelia phillips hale said...

hooray for unc!
wish we could have been in town for that, i still remember climbing in a tree back in the day so i could see the entire street lit up in bonfires.
what a wonderful ruckus.

great to see you the other day!
hope the coming weeks go as best they can, it is hard to watch the demise of a century old industry...But, i have great expectations for the new wave of journalism.