i'm minding my own business

life is risky. survival... tough. there's enough to worry about than what happens behind closed doors of people i don't know.
so long as you're kind, decent, have good intentions, don't steal my lunchbox, and add a little more than you take away, what more could i ask of you?

i had to photograph a rally today where the majority of participants were pro traditional marriage. or in other words against legalizing gay marriage. i'm straight, but not narrow, and we'll leave it at that on this subject for now.

but i've always found it fascinating how some people like to meddle into others' private lives because i never understood why those persons would worry about decisions that didn't directly effect them or had a high percentage of possibly effecting them after the fact.

let the people vote indeed and in the meantime i ask why can't we all just get along.

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