we're just flies on the wall

that's a photojournalist's mantra. well, at least mine when i'm explaining to subjects that they need to pay me no attention and go about their day as if i wasn't there.

it's also the name of a u2 song off their achtung baby record. as some of you know i followed them as much as i could on their elevation tour in 2001 (22 concerts... which was no where near the amount of shows some of the good people i met along the way went to) and i'd do it again for this upcoming tour if i was independently wealthy or -ahem- on assignment.

anyway... the hotel we're in is full of crazy, some kitschy (like any hotel) backdrops. this was one and my immediate reaction was remembering bono's act against the video screen during the fly live (go to 6:25 if you're impatient). andy delisle did a spot on impression not knowing what the hell i was talking about. thanks andy.

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