endless summer, retiree style

it's been awhile as i had the wonderful opportunity to visit hawaii with family, focusing on a little r&r and leaving the internet behind. with batteries recharged it's back to the chilly reality of the east coast. but we'll keep the theme on pacific time for a little while longer.
honolulu, specifically waikiki where we stayed, is unlike the rest of the islands from what we were told.
it is a resort town... mixing retiree snowbirds with old money from the states and newlywed lovebirds with new money from asia (specifically japan) and a little of everything else in between. it felt like a pre-req class for a trip farther west.
the "real" hawaii is found outside the city limits. true or not, the city was fascinating and a visual experience i would like to revisit... soon.
more later after this jet-lag passes through the system.