move on up

today the fifteen member north carolina contingent of the electoral college cast their ballots for barack obama and joe biden. and what that has to do with this stairwell is that after 13 years in raleigh, the state capital, i finally ascended the stairs to the second floor of the old capitol building. i've been in there plenty of times, but for some reason remained happy to keep my travels to the first floor. anyway, today i went up for a birds eye view of the ornate old house chambers, circa 1840, and the crowd of political dignitaries and electors below. turning a corner to head back down, i saw these which lead to the third floor. off limits, btw.
though i could probably sit and enjoy the space for a good long while, i couldn't stay with this scene as i had to "work" the one down below.
but now i have a good reason to move on up and leave the first floor behind.


gerik said...

Shawn... I'm loving your mobile phone images. Been looking at your blog for awhile and just wanted to take a sec to say so. Keep it up.

Miller Taylor said...

I also wanted to commend you on your photos. I saw your work hanging in Helios today and was immediately impressed, then I read the story and was amazed. Keep up the great work.