speed of sound of silence

musicians still make videos and i wonder who exactly is watching them? it's decade old news that mtv doesn't play videos anymore. ok maybe mtv2, 3, 4, and mtvindia do, but i don't get them and you get the drift. music television is an oxymoron these days.
so when artists pony up the money for quality artistic videos, who are they marketing them to?
or am i just so out of the loop i don't know where to find the cool kids channel? hmmmm, i am on facebook. that must count for something. or not.
well, thankfully there's youtube. seems they have it all, even if mtv π doesn't.
anyway.... the reason i bring it up. stumbling around the 'tube' i came across coldplay's speed of sound video. pretty cool how they incorporate a wall of lights. but, y'all probably already knew that. but it reminded me of this.

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