another tuesday night at linda's

another photonight at unc and another round of beer, bitching, and conversation at linda's.
pat davison has always managed to get some good speakers to this last-tuesday-of-the-month gathering in chapel hill. and this past week was no exception.
bert fox -photo editor at the philadelphia enquirer then national geographic and now the d.o.p. at the charlotte observer- found some time to travel east for an enlightening talk and a few beers.
no transcript here. but the main point, the most important point of his presentation is that in order to succeed, in order to survive whatever changes are afoot (professionally, personally) you have to be passionate about what you're doing.
sure, success can be had, found, stumbled upon, through many different avenues. but the odds are in your favor when you know who you are and you're passionate about what you're doing. otherwise, those dreams and aspirations can go up in.....

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