ncppa madness

heya kids. long time no see. not sure if i'll ever get a hold of this blogging thingamajig.

but here we are again going for another round.

so here are some portraits from this past weekend in chapel thrill where the ncppa pictures of the year contest and annual meeting were held.

good times were had by all. old friends came to visit and new friends easily fell into the crazy camaraderie that hits us everytime this year.

can't wait to see both again.


Joey said...

Those are so cool! And congrats again on all of your many winnings from the weekend. So talented. :-)

PS-Our dog has a very long snout.

Capt_T said...
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Capt_T said...

You know, I can almost hear Megan "calling in the air tonight..o'lord."

These are real cool.

You now have a link from the NCPPA site. Check it out.


Rebecca said...

Sweet !!! what a great weekend!!! I am so happy I got hang out with you and the gang..