be careful what you wish for

ever have one of those months where the seeds you sowed in your creative and professional career finally come to fruition but everything happens at once and something's got to give way?
ye old feast or famine dilemma as they say.

well as the clock strikes 12:03a.m. the midnight oil is officially burning again with holiday cards mocking my penmanship; a dog whimpering his way to the front door; my best friend and i in need of hugging the other rather than a pillow, or the dog for that matter;

and a pile of laundry that's seemingly replicating itself in an hourly fashion.

but... i wouldn't trade it at all because, really, there's nothing like the stench of creativity in the morning.

1 comment:

Vanessa said...

Whoa that's alotta whitey-tighties.
At least you don't have kids all up in your mixxx.