the world is their sandbox

and i just walked away with two shoes full of it.

ahhhhh. there's really nothing as exciting in the journalism world as a good groundbreaking ceremony. it's right up there with large cardboard checks and perp walks. really any event a company p.r. rep deems worthy of a press release....well maybe not perp walks. though some of the perps i've seen lately could use a pro to spin their story.

anyway... i couldn't pass up the opportunity of the starkness of the scene. black suits. white hardhats. hells yeah. it's one of the few times i was happy that an event was happening smack dab in the middle of the day with the noon sun blowing my exposure in all its life-giving goodness.

as for running the world...
the gentleman on the right is dennis gillings ph.d., chairman and founder of quintiles; a billion $ pharmaceutical research and development company.

and the gentleman on the left is robert w. winston III, chief executive and founder of winston hospitality (re: hotels).

we're profiling mr. winston. hence the reason i was in such company. and why i'm now emptying sand out of my shoes for the nth time.


ross taylor said...

very nice frame shawn

Kris said...

Great shot! :-)

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